Fanatic Carbon 80 Paddle Zoom

    Fanatic Carbon 80 Paddle

    The most versatile paddle in the Fanatic range. Slightly easier on the body than the carbon Pro but still with great response.

    Available in 8.0" and 7.25" sizes.

    Adjustable shaft option ideal for when there will be multiple users.

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    Product Description


    Innegra Carbon has the perfect flex and strength to weight ratio, with additional surface strength to take the knocks of everyday paddling action. The Union system has the best flex pattern from blade tip to the handle, for the most effective paddle stroke on the market. The Innegra Carbon 80 paddle is available in 8" and 7.25" blades, with fixed or adjustable shaft lengths and integrated ABS blade protector.


    Both Carbon 80 Models 8” and 7.25” also available in adjustable 160 – 220 cm versions.Perfect for adapting the paddle length for either flat water or wave conditions, the only paddle you need in your quiver!


    • Ergonomic design with an optimal fit for all hand sizes
    • 100% Carbon design

    Key Features:

    • Optimum flex / strength / weight ratio
    • Additional surface strength absorbs and withstands knocks from everyday paddling
    • Available in 7.25” and 8” blades
    • Union system for most supreme flex pattern running from the top of the handle to the tip of the blade
    • Built in ABS blade protector
    • Fixed or adjustable shaft lengths available

    Fanatic Union Joint System

    In the past, all Paddle flex patterns were made up of two parts: the blade, and the shaft. Previously, these two flexible parts were disrupted by an oversized stiff joint, where paddle and shaft were connected. The Fanatic Union Paddle has revolutionised the unified flex pattern. Now running seamlessly from the tip of the blade all the way to the shaft, the mobile connection joint further up the shaft tapers perfectly into a RDM joint. This creates constant flex for an unmatched spring and response with every stroke. From the moment the blade enters the water, your energy is converted into forward drive. The Union Paddle is available in four construction styles for a straightforward selection of the perfect paddle to match your performance and budget





    Blade Width

    Blade Area

    Shaft Material

    Blade Material

    Innegra Carbon 80 7,25" 213,5 cm 7,25" / 18,4 cm 90 / 580 cm² Innegra / Carbon 70% Innegra / Carbon
    Innegra Carbon 80 8" 214,5 cm 8" / 20,3 cm 99 / 639 cm² Innegra / Carbon 70% Innegra / Carbon
    Innegra Carbon 80
    Adjustable 7.25"
    160-220 cm 7,25" / 18,4 cm 90 / 580 cm² Innegra / Carbon 70% Innegra / Carbon
    Innegra Carbon 80
    Adjustable 8"
    160-220 cm 8" / 20,3 cm 99 / 639 cm² Innegra / Carbon 70% Innegra / Carbon

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